Norwegian Cornbread?

Honestly, I have no clue if Norwegian Cornbread exists.  Do they have corn in Norway?  No clue.  Don’t feel like searching for it right now.

My beautiful wife was away on a conference in Denver all last week.  No big deal…I can handle things on my own.  Of course she was very kind and cooked a lot of proteins for me to reheat while she was away.  Sadly and predictably, I got lazy and did not replenish this supply.  No, we didn’t starve over the weekend (hello Mexico Lindo!).  My lunch work that I take to lunch was sad but edible.

Anyways…I rocking bad wife guilt so as soon as I walked in the door yesterday,  I started making a cornbread!  Ok, I was highly inspired by the mention of cornbread in Garden & Gun’s new podcast “Whole Hog”.  Also my favorite cornbread recipe is from Garden & Gun – coincidence?  Yep.  Just a coincidence.

I pulled out my copy of the Scallion Cornbread and Cheddar Cheese recipe, preheated the oven, got the dry ingredients together when I realized that I do not have any buttermilk! No big surprise, we rarely ever have buttermilk in the fridge.  Heck, we rarely any real milk in the house – I love it but it does not love me.  Well, we did have almond milk.  Ok…wonder if the trick of adding white vinegar to regular milk to make buttermilk would work with almond milk? (For this recipe I did 1 cup almond milk, and 1/4 cup of vinegar.)

Crap!  Didn’t have any cheddar cheese.  My beautiful bride usually has cheese in the fridge so I started the search.  I had cheese in the fridge this time!  We are going to Iowa for a family reunion this summer and I have been searching/reading Midwestern recipes and stories over the past few months getting myself excited.  Chef Amy Thielen mentioned a Norwegian cheese in a recipe that I came across a few weeks ago and I found some at the local grocery store.  Gjetost (YAY-tost) doesn’t look like a cheese and doesn’t really taste like a normal cheese but it is delicious!

Of course we didn’t have any green onions/scallions available (currently growing in a Mason Jar) but I had an old bottom of an onion in the fridge that would have to do.

Off I went with making my first round of Norwegian Cornbread!  Not too bad.  The Gjetost offers an interesting, almost sweet, taste to things but it just makes it different, not bad.  The curdled almond milk was fine.  The cooked onions on the bottom got a little too toasty but that is fine.

Picture?  Nah, I didn’t take one.  Picture this:  a regular cornbread in a cast iron skillet with tan little melting dots in it.  There ya go.

There we go…melting the South with the Midwest.   I think I did good work.

Uff Da Ya’ll


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