Midwestern Spotify Playlist

One of the great things about the Southern region is that we have tons of music history and legends.  We are going to Iowa for a long weekend this Summer and I have been thinking about what music we are going to listen to as we drive those long and straight roads (yes, it is that flat and there is that much corn).

Then I kept thinking about the great Midwestern music.

Kept thinking…

Still thinking…

Other than Prince, I really wasn’t getting anywhere.

Today’s project I started: The Great Midwestern Roadtrip Playlist!

I am including songs by people from Iowa and MN, songs about Iowa and MN, songs mentioning Iowa and MN, and songs from the Larson family reunion playlist.  I got everything from the Music Man, Prince, Buddy Holly (died on his way to Clear Lake, IA),  Glenn Miller, and some other random bands that are super local…probably only 100s people have heard of them…heck, they probably aren’t together anymore but it fits into the categories above!



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